Auto Batch Pre expander Machine

Auto Batch Pre expander Machine

Product Code: Auto Batch Pre expander Machine

Tags:Auto Batch Pre expander Machine

Auto Batch Pre-expander Machine

Product description:

1,The machine applies PLC and touch screen, automatic feeding, electronic weighting, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic production;

2, Electronic weighing system and material level control system assure the density of the foamed material, which make the granule uniformity and keep the density tolerance within ±2.5%;

3.with advanced proportional control valve,pressure reducing valve and totally closed foaming barrel can ensure the stablility of temperature and pressure in cyclinder.                                                                                

4.The machine is equipped with fluidized drying bed, it can dry, crush and filter the foamed materials automatically;

5.Most components used in the machine are world famous brand with its reliable performance,

stable quality, long service life and low maintenance cost;

6.The computer has memory function, which can record all information such as brands, specifications, expanding foam techniques and parameters of EPS material manufacturers. When customers want to use the materials that had been used before just press the touch computer screen to quickly to back to the original technique.

Technical data:

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