Basic Type EPP Shape Moulding Machine

Basic Type EPP Shape Moulding Machine

Basic Type EPP Shape Moulding Machine

Product Code: Basic Type EPP Shape Moulding Machine

Tags:Basic Type EPP Shape Moulding Machine

Automatic EPP Shape Molding Machine


Product description:

1.Solid steel construction made of quality U-steel, square steel and steel plate, processed by high temperature annealing, heat treatment and sprayed with anti-corrosive paint for high strength structure, prolonging the machine's service life.                                                                                 

2.High sensitive photoelectric anti-pinch control system improves operation safety to a higher degree.                              

3.Excellent equilibrium pressure type double barrel design quickens material feeding speed.                                                      

4.With Pusheng's self-developed steam energy-saving system, molding cooling and de-molding process by applying originally designed balance valve system and efficient vacuum system to get finished products of low moisture content.                                                   

5.Apply valves and actuator of large drift diameter to ensure accurate control, fast and stable steam supply and low steam pressure tolerance, and can generally save at least 10 sec during the shaping process compared to traditional machines.        

6.Brand PLC and touch screen and brand instruments are centralized displayed on the control cabinet for easily automatic control.

Technical data:

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