Basic Type EPS Shape Moulding Machine

Basic Type EPS Shape Moulding Machine

Basic Type EPS Shape Moulding Machine

Product Code: Basic Type EPS Shape Moulding Machine

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Auto Shape Molding Machine with Vacuum system PSZ1000-2000JN

Product description:

1.All templates are weled from high-strength steel plates, processed by high temperature annealing, heat treatment; surface de-rusted by sandblast and coated by zinc, sprayed by anticorrovsive paint, ensured highest stabiliy when running.                                                                               

2.To well control the process of pressure increasing and decreasing,the machine size is well desgined by careful calculation and all the pipe lines used by this machine are clearly piped. And equipped with ports of pre-condenser and vacuum connector, the single vacuum cooling system is also subjected to customer's request.                    

3.The machine adopts Japanese Touch screen,PLC and reliable control valves to speed the machine,simplifies the operation process and improves the operation safety.                                                                           

4.Great improvements have been made in sealing system- all fast plug are closely sealed with liquid sealant, and the PU pipes are replaced by nylon tubes,prolonged service life,and saves energy with little air leakage.                                                                                                                

5.Equipped with double barrel and able to produce eps products of 2 different density meanwhile; delicate design with the barrel makes for excellent pressure-preservation function.                                                 

6.Click for mold opening and closing devices is installed for further fixing the templetes, what's more, anti-pinch devices is equipped in the template cavity for higher operation safety.

Technical data:

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