Continuous Pre expander Machine

Continuous Pre expander Machine

Product Code: Continuous Pre expander Machine

Tags:Continuous Pre expander Machine

Continuous Pre expander Machine

Model PSY700-PSY1200I-II    

Product description:

1.Made of stainless steel, and the expansion chamber has the heat preservation function;            

2.The process of filling, expanding, sieving, crushing and conveying to silos is completely traumatically;

3.Optional steam reducing valve to control material and ensure the density tolerance;

4.First and secondary expansion devices to keep density of 6-30g/L;  

5.The fluidized bed will be supplied separately according to the user's selection;                             

6.The machine can be equipped with screw conveyor or vacuum conveyor to realize automatic filling.

7.sensor switch installed on the chamber door in case of any body hurt while checking.

Technical data:

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