Double-molds EPS Machine

Double-molds EPS Machine

Double-molds EPS Machine can be installed with 2 molds at the same time for production, quicken the working efficiency.

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Automatic EPS Shape Molding Machinery with Dual Molds

Product description:

Unique structure:

1.High strength frame, welded from high quality box iron, square profile tube and steel plates.

2.Steam chest for shift, solid and middle molds are shouldered by four guide-bars to ensure the stable mold closing.

3.The template is subjected to multiply protective processing, including sand blast, zinc and paint spraying, etc.  Extra stainless steel plate is built in the middle template and it greatly enhances the corrosion resistance and service life of the template.

4.The machine applies open type wear-resistant self-lubricating bearing sleeve, which is easier to change and at the same time, the lubrication effect is improved.

Synchronous dual Molds:Original design of synchronous double crank connecting rod structure achieves synchronization of mold opening, closing, locking and de-molding. The new design improves production capacity and ensures products uniformity with dual molds working together.

Efficient hydraulic system:

1. The hydraulic system applies high-speed and high pressure and differential pressure designing, shortened the time for mold opening and closing.

2. The symmetrical hydraulic cylinder uses pushing type locking, fast and tight.

Excellent steam system:

1. With Germany Burkert main steam valve,  it can realize delicate and accurate controlling over steam pressure, tolerance ±0.01Mpa. The max circle time is 80s.

2.The machine uses balance valve to realize remote pressure control.The balance valve controls the steam valve, air cooling valve, stripping valve and solenoid valve, to perfect penetration, main heating and air cooled and stripping process.

Well-designed vacuum cooling system:

1.The cooling and spraying system for the middle mold quickens the cooling speed and reduces the  mold manufacturing cost.

2.The machine is equipped with efficient vacuum system, increasing the vacuum suction efficiency and lowers the moisture content of finished products.

Stable control and safety system:

1.With PLC, touch screen to simplify operation and achieve stability.

2.Equipment control and display elements are intensively positioned.which is more humanized.

3.The procedure setting with safety protection and alarm system is helpful to facilitate maintenance and warning work.

Technical data:

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