K Type EPS Shape Moulding Machine

K Type EPS Shape Moulding Machine

Product Code: K Type EPS Shape Moulding Machine

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Automatic EPS Shape Molding Machine K type with steam chamber

Product description:

K type conception is originally proposed by European countries, and is proved to be more suitable for massive production of various eps foam products; To meet different size requirements, the machine size varies from 0.48~2.5m3 for different machine model; with many outstanding improvements and updates, K type machine is much more energy-saving, less mold investment, and less moisturized finished products, and easy management on site.


  1. Machinery structure: the system does not require any lubricant during working process;with hydraulic cylinder installed in the two sides of the steam chamber with even mold clamping force; the mold-opening and closing are precisely controlled by computerized system which can ensure best feeding accuracy, and product ejection motion is managed by the ejection system to provide best quality of precision product during the ejection process.
  2. Machine layout: the machine is designed as a three-dimension open space, and the open space design will quicken the mold-changing time, and operators can change the mold from three dimension. Besides, the machine is equipped with safety door and security system.
  3. Mold system: The mold is made of two-piece plate format working as steam chamber, more energy can be reserved inside so as to save energy. And just change the mold core part for different products manufacturing, and it’ll also save mold changing time.
  4. Hydraulic system:equipped with two-steps hydraulic system, mold closing and opening can be controlled at fast and slow speed as request.
  5. Pressure-holding water tank: the machine is equipped with one set of pressure-holding water tank, with two different entries for cooling water and condensate water. The design will ensure stable cooling water pressure for fast water and vacuum cooling.
  6. Central energy system:the machine has one full set of central energy system.All steam and air needed during the molding process are controlled by the central energy system valves. The low pressure steam system is designed with enlarged pipes and valves, providing best working condition.
  7. Computer controlled system:PLC and touch screen controlled system has the function of editor and expansion,and precisely control every step of operation with error detection and indication displayed on the touch screen,achieving automatic inspection and production.

Technical data:

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