EPS Block Moulding Machine for Geofoam production

Discover how GEOFOAM®, a versatile block made of rigid Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, offers superior load distribution and cost-efficiency in road construction. With its high resistance to compression, bending, and cutting, GEOFOAM® outperforms traditional soil improvement materials. Learn about the unbeatable speed of execution, reduced maintenance, and decreased costs associated with this lightweight solution.

December 19, 2022
EPS Block Moulding Machine for Geofoam production

GEOFOAM®: Lightweight Solution for Efficient Road Construction and MaintenanceRoad construction projects require careful consideration of long-term deformations and sinking. The speed at which these issues occur is directly linked to the loads placed on the ground. However, with the innovative use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, known as GEOFOAM®, we can revolutionize the way we build roads.GEOFOAM® is a block made of rigid EPS foam that comes in variable dimensions and densities. Its strength and durability allow it to serve as a lightweight filler and support for large fixed and movable loads. By using GEOFOAM® with densities ranging from 15 to 30kg/m3, which exhibits high resistance to compression, bending, and cutting, we can efficiently distribute both live loads and dead weights. This approach offers greater efficiency compared to conventional soil improvement materials, which are not only more expensive to repair but also more costly to build.One of the key advantages of GEOFOAM® is the remarkable speed at which construction projects can be executed. Its lightweight nature reduces the effort and physical strain on workers, leading to faster completion times. Additionally, the maintenance requirements for GEOFOAM®-constructed roads are significantly lower, resulting in decreased long-term costs compared to traditional resources.With GEOFOAM®, road construction and maintenance become more cost-effective and sustainable. Its versatility, strength, and low maintenance needs make it an ideal choice for improving infrastructure. Say goodbye to costly repairs and lengthy construction times by embracing the lightweight power of GEOFOAM®.

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