The Most Popular Pre-Foaming Machine in China - Fackel EPS Equipment

Discover the revolutionary Fackel EPS pre-foaming machine, the top choice in China's market. With its advanced features like exact steam dosing, maintenance-friendly design, minimized steam consumption, and more, it has gained recognition among buyers. Explore the advantages of steaming expansion vessels, fluidized bed technology, and density weighing system, ensuring precise control and optimal production. Join the EPS revolution today!

February 10, 2023
The Most Popular Pre-Foaming Machine in China - Fackel EPS Equipment

Advantages in Steaming Expansion Vessel

Minimized Use of Air and Exact Steam Dosing

The Fackel EPS pre-foaming machine stands out in the Chinese market due to its exceptional features and the recognition it has received from buyers. One of its key advantages lies in the steaming expansion vessel, which enables minimized use of air during high-density production. This is achieved through precise steam dosing, ensuring optimal conditions for the expansion process.

Maintenance-Friendly Design

The Fackel EPS equipment is known for its maintenance-friendly design. Manufacturers appreciate the ease with which they can access and service the machine, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency.

Minimized Steam Consumption

Thanks to advanced pressure and flow control mechanisms, the Fackel EPS pre-foaming machine minimizes steam consumption. This not only leads to cost savings but also contributes to a more sustainable production process.

Backup System and Optimum Steam Distribution

The machine comes equipped with a backup system to ensure uninterrupted operation. Additionally, its large surface area and variable agitator speed enable optimum steam distribution, promoting uniform expansion of the EPS beads.

Step Steaming Capability

The Fackel EPS equipment allows for step steaming, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to control the expansion process according to their specific requirements.

Fluidized Bed Technology

Minimized Thermal Shock and Optimal Bead Stabilization

The Fackel EPS pre-foaming machine incorporates fluidized bed technology, which minimizes thermal shock and ensures optimal stabilization and drying of the expanded EPS beads. This results in consistent quality and improved product performance.

Adjustable Air Temperature and Flow Control

With adjustable air temperature, manufacturers can fine-tune the drying process for optimal results. The machine's air flow control feature prevents static loading, enhancing overall efficiency.

Pentane Collection Points for Waste Management

To optimize waste management, the Fackel EPS equipment is designed with two pentane collection points. This ensures the safe and efficient handling of pentane, a byproduct of the EPS expansion process.

Easy Cleaning with Fluidized Floor Design

The fluidized floor design of the machine enables fast and complete cleaning. This contributes to maintaining a hygienic production environment and reduces the risk of contamination.

Density Weighing System

Accurate Density Control and Quality Assurance

The Fackel EPS pre-foaming machine incorporates a density weighing system, allowing for precise control over the density of the expanded EPS beads. This system can also be used for additional quality control, ensuring consistent product quality and meeting customer requirements.

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