Europe Series EPS Shape Moulding Machine (FKO Series)
Nuremberg Invention Exhibition of IENA 2019-Golden Medalist.
1, The whole machine without any steam hoses and hard pipes connection, reducing the steam fixed loss, no drainage hose, straight-line connection to reduce mold water accumulation, improved the safety performance of machine operation. This invention patent won the gold medal at the 2019 Nuremberg International Expo in Germany.
2, The machine is equipped with a fast mold change function as for standard configuration, it will only take 20-30 minutes to replace the desired mold, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of the machine.
3, The steam system adopts: Central energy distributor and directly embedded in the steam chamber, adopted a proportional valve combined with a Gemu valve that is jointly developed with German Aventics company focused on foam molding gas adjustment, in order to obtain a precisely adjustment for various gas, with the highest accuracy in the industry.
4, it is the first in the industry to adopt independent double systems, separating fixed mold and moving mold, and equipped with YOSHITAKE pressure reducing valves. It has strong penetration, short molding cycle time and lower energy consumption.
5, The machine is adopted with steam chambers. On one hand, it will improve the thermal insulation effect of the mold. On the other hand, it will save mold cost.
6, High efficiency production capacity, only 35-40 seconds per mold cycle, save more than 50% energy compared with Semi-automatic machine

Significantly advantage: replacing semi-automatic and ordinary automatic machines, low mold opening cost, suitable for customer groups with more categories and less output.

Optional functions for the FKO Series Shape Moulding Machine
1, One-key locking system
On the basis of FKO fast mold change, it can realize the effect of fast mold change without manual locking operation, increase security, improve efficiency and further save labor cost

2, Robotic arm
The robotic arm can reduce workers, improve efficiency, greatly reduce costs, be safety and improve the factory image.
The robotic arm system adopts suction and capture two different ways to unload the products from the mold, the maintenance cost is low, and do not hurt the product, which is also providing good quality product
Electric drive is adopted to response faster, driving force is bigger, convenient to detect signal, transmission and handle, and can use a variety of flexible control.

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